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220 Laboratories, founded in 1991, is an industry leader in the manufacturing of uniquely formulated hair, skin, and body products.
We have over 200 employees. Our factory has 60,000 square feet of filling lines and a 135,000 square foot warehouse.
Our policy: "The customer's needs come first." Our growth is a result of working hand in hand with our customers to meet their formula, packaging and production scheduling needs.
Our Commitment is summed up in 6 critical areas:

Creativity - our way of constantly striving to develop new products for the industry, incorporating modern technology and innovative methods of production. This has resulted in the formation of many new delivery systems providing our clients with the competitive edge.
Reliability - ensures customers that we will deliver the best product on time.
Integrity - our way of maintaining confidentiality and security during every phase of production. Formulations, concepts and client lists are securely maintained.
Quality - is guaranteed through every phase of the manufacturing and filling process. A major part of our budget is devoted to quality control facilities and procedures.
Capability - we can turn out hundreds of different products in volume that will meet the needs of our customers.
Flexibility - we deal with sudden unexpected changes in the market without compromising any other ideals which make us special. The management team at 220 Laboratories understands that our role is one of strong support for all our customers marketing efforts. We have the unique ability to remain accessible and available to our clients.